At the Real Cool Productions’ facility in Mansfield, we have a full service studio for filming training modules, interviews, product and mixed media work. The studio space enables us to create high quality productions at a great price point,  mainly because we are able to reduce the need for travel and the costs associated with moving our equipment and crew to another location.

Room to get things done and be efficient

It’s not all about us though. There are many benefits to you from using the studio space.

Firstly, by coming to a studio, you can focus on the task at hand and are not be distracted by interruptions and other demands on your time.

The numbers

Studio filming is more efficient and faster than on-location work. We typically shoot around 40% more product sets per day and around 50% more interview footage in the studio, when compared to location filming.

It is not just about saving time.  Obviously we are very familiar with our shooting environment so the overall risk of us needing to reshoot something because it was mis-shot is greatly reduced.

Sounds good

One of the biggest concerns when creating training content is the need for high-quality sound.  If the viewers are unable to hear content clearly, they are highly likely to not finish the content. Of course, in today’s high-tech world there is a lot we can do to fix sound, but it takes time and budget.  It is much better to get it right when filming. Studios are designed to keep out extraneous noise and provide a good sound environment which takes care of the problem.

Looks good

Green screen has it’s advantages

An example studio shoot. This one was green screen.

Just like any Hollywood production, where you see the directors and producers gathered around monitors watching the filming, this capability is a big advantage of studio work.  You are able to both observe the filming and see what is being laid down, as it happens. This makes for a much higher degree of involovment and gives you the reassurance that the right thing is being shot in the right way.

The bottom line

Experience has shown us that studio filming tends to produce a better final product,  especially for training projects. Highly dependable output and great productivity all help keep the overall costs down.  It also means that it is possible to match previous productions if there is a need to add to existing content.

The facilities

There’s never any weather in here – so getting a solid 8 hours of filming is pretty normal

Our studio features a meeting room, wireless connectivity and support from our nearby office. If required we can create a video village for clients as well as provide tele-prompting, makeup and coaching services. There is also ample parking and easy access for products and talent.

A private changing and makeup room is next to the studio. We can provide makeup and wardrobe services as required.

It is important to keep the products to be filmed well organized. The large work area outside the studio facilitates this and makes staging easy. Doors to the parking lot make set-up and break-down straight forward.

So, the next time you are planning a training or product shoot, consider using a studio to get the very best possible results.