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Strategic Onboarding Why It Matters

By Leah Yeatts, Principal Consultant, Lever Performance Consulting All businesses onboard new hires, whether formally or informally. For some companies, the process for onboarding new employees is little more than [...]

Coronavirus, paranoia and learning

Over the years, we have trained dozens of food services organizations on a wide variety of topics, including cleaning and food safety. So I always watch the staff in my local coffee and sandwich restaurants [...]

Teach ’em to fish don’t feed ’em

A common approach to onboarding is to attempt to follow the old adage “Teach them to fish don’t feed them.” This idea often misunderstood and hides a very subtle but effective [...]

Managing the information horizon for success.

Onboarding happens in a harsh communications environment. The new employees don’t know you; you don’t know them, and they have a bunch of conflicting priorities (they want to look good, they are worried that they [...]