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Putting excitement back into learning

How we are different?

RCP Learning recognizes the need to bring some of the same positive attributes of in-person training to eLearning. We aim to win the hearts and minds of your target audience to build the most effective learning experience.

Technology that delivers effective training

There's never been a more exciting time to make training content. We want your learners to be engaged, entertained and educated.

Our Proven Agile Production Process Produces Rapid Results


Using our efficient Agile based workflow and proven development cycle we start with understanding what your goals are and what you are trying to achieve. Who are you talking to, what do you need to say and what’s the best medium.


Starting with a story board for every element of your project means fewer rounds of review and a more exact outcome. Our project management team develops a timeline with clear deliverables and understandable commitments for you.


For us the most exciting part creating your animation or module. Using the latest software tools we craft award-winning animations that engage, entertain and educate. Agile helps us make deadlines and deliver the best possible animation in the allocated time.


We QA at every stage to make sure the training you are delivering is accurate and effective. Our online review and comment system allows you to monitor progress and remain engaged with the content development.  No surprises.


Electronic delivery of everything from a single file to a SCORM compliant container. We don’t rest until you have your project in the hands of your learners. And we don’t stop there. As you gather feedback we are ready to revise and refine.

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