Tampa FL and Boston MA – RCP Learning, the learning content division of Real Cool Productions Inc., launches a new website focused specifically on the company’s training services.

The website RCPLearning.com describes a broad range of learning and training focused services now offered by RCP Learning to larger corporations and NGOs.

Over the last six years, the company has developed several thousand award-winning animations and videos, many of which consisted of training and development content. Also, RCP Learning provides course curriculum creation, script development, training planning, technology services, hosting and mobile training apps to support their extensive client base.

“The response to our integrated training and technical offerings has been very positive.” said CEO James Ringrose, “Our ability to develop training materials, create an any-device, anytime, anywhere learning environment and then be able to analyze a learner’s behavior in minute detail is revolutionizing everyday training activities.”

RCP Learning has a team of experienced and award-winning animators and editors based in Boston. Florida houses the company’s center for learning technology development and deployment.

“The availability of increasingly powerful development tools and standards such as the Tin Can API have opened up a really exciting opportunity for us to develop some incredibly engaging, entertaining and educational animation based modules that put conventional training to shame,” added Director of Production Blane Granstaff.

“This website is a natural progression of a strategic plan to focus on the talent development and learning space. We are really excited at the level of projects we are currently delivering and the amount of integrated training, microlearning, and conventional eLearning that we have developed over the last two years,” explained President Pia Proal.

About RCP Learning

RCP Learning is a division of Real Cool Productions Inc. The company is an integrated eLearning content development partner. Focused on working with Fortune 1000 companies they deliver around 300 training projects a year ranging from single animations to hour-long Rise* and Storyline* courses on custom platforms and LMSs. In addition, the division develops web apps, mobile apps, custom programs, and a range of learning technologies.


To find out more about RCP Learning please contact

Sales inquiries: Kevin@realcoolpod.com, Business Development Manager RCP Learning
Business opportunities: Pia@realcoolprod.com, President RCP Learning
General information: info@rcplearing.com

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