As you review websites of video production companies, you may see proud proclamations about industry awards the company has won. Are awards important? What do they mean?

Is this so much inflated propaganda, or is it important?

RCP_Blog_1_Awards.jpgAre awards important?
Industry awards do count for something, and they can be a strong indicator of several factors you should be considering in your choice of the company to hire.

As the video and animation production industry have become more sophisticated, production awards have come to represent a reliable ranking tool.

Awards represent

  • recognition of an organization’s level of capability and skill
  • a wide range of competencies, indicating the ability to respond to the variety of creative needs your project may demand
  • a high standard of product quality and management
  • the likelihood that the company has developed a systematic work flow that increases the opportunity for the delivery of on-budget, on-time, on-message productions.

If the company you’re considering has received industry awards, you can be assured it is capable of cutting-edge projects and has “the chops” to compete against other similar companies. In an industry that has a significant number of small independent organizations, award-winning companies are capable of dealing with the largest and most complex projects.

In Massachusetts and beyond, there are several industry organizations that confer awards.


In short, industry awards are one more way to satisfy yourself that the company you’re considering is known to be competent and capable by its peers.