Corporate Journeys are an exciting new style of film making for businesses and organizations to “tell their stories”. There is the growing recognition that storytelling is on of the most effective ways to communicate complex subject matter on an emotional level.

Example of this style used for fund raising Short or “mini” documentaries have been the stock-in-trade of the non profit and fund raising community for years. If you are going to ask for money then you have to tell a good story, connect emotionally and then ask. It’s an effective formula that we use often.

How can that help businesses? Well the answer turns out to be, that the effectiveness of storytelling makes it worth considering for business content and training. A number of recent studies and surveys reveal that the human mind is pretty much made for story telling. Stories reach a different part of the brain from normal “business” videos and are absorbed in a different, and more effective, way.

The Pacific Standard recently had a great article: “Your Brain on Story” – which you can read here. To quote the article and Ira Glass:

“The power of anecdote is so great that it has a momentum in and of itself.” Ira Glass contends, “no matter how boring the facts are,” with a well-told story, “you feel inherently as if you are on a train that has a destination.”

There’s no subject that cannot be told this way Real Cool Productions both enjoys making, and believes in, the effectiveness of this technique. We approach this type of work from a somewhat different angle than a regular corporate video. The goal here is to find the story and build a connection to your audience. This is a powerful approach that makes is easier to digest your message and is more likely to elicit the response you are seeking. They are also less exacting to make for you, your staff and others involved. We don’t have to rely upon exact verbiage, but rather use the narrative to carry the facts we want to convey.

You can make a video that repeats your key messages, crams in as many facts and is branded over and over again. Or you can try this approach and befriend and engage you audience rather than hard sell them. Your prospects and customers value their time and are allowing you to use some of it. It’s your responsibility to make that experience both good for them and worthwhile for your organization.

Please ask us about this technique and allow is to describe how it works in more detail. We would be delighted to show you how this works. Please request a free video assessment for more details, examples and a discussion about how to implement these techniques for your next project.