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RCP Learning recognizes the need to bring some of the same positive attributes of in-person training to eLearning. We aim to win the hearts and minds of your target audience to build the most effective learning experience.

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There's never been a more exciting time to make training content. We want your learners to be engaged, entertained and educated.

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Is talent development trying to be too clever?

I have noticed a distinct trend in recent months “the terrifyingly complex learning module.” After a period of increasing recognition that there is a need to “keep it simple,” the age of the mega-complex material is making a [...]

All trainers want to use intelligence!

No, it’s not a badly written subject line, it’s true. After a small road tour with our 3D simulation environment that has an “A.I. coach,” designed in, we discovered a real enthusiasm for this kind of [...]

Creating 3D Simulated Experiences

For some unimaginable reason, ATD has invited me back to excite yet another riot with a controversial presentation. This time I am going to describe what is almost certainly the technical future of our industry. Come and [...]

Getting data out of Unity to an xAPI recipient

OK this is pretty nerdy. Everyone gets excited about the possibility of using the incredible graphics and physics of gaming engines like Unity, by then they hit a reality wall.  How to get SCORM or xAPI data [...]

Why don’t we measure training performance?

After a few years of working in the L&D industry, I have discovered a dirty little secret. Before you ask, I quickly got over the idea of writing the ultimate “Kitchen Confidential” expose of talent [...]

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