There’s always a tangible sense of disappointment when we hand of a course or module to a client.

We say goodbye to our work and know it is probably heading for a crowded LMS full of other courses and materials that will hide its elegant effectiveness.

I don’t actively hate the idea of an LMS. I do feel that they have become the equivalent of a large urban high school. All rules and regulations with little compassion or soul. I yearn for the days of the Red Brick School House, simple, practical and approachable.

“Does anyone measure the outcomes of training anymore? There’s just too much data generated. It’s no longer that easy.”

 J M Ringrose

Here at RCP Learning, we have completed several projects where we are responsible for the platform and the analysis of the effectiveness of the training. It may sound like the fox watching the hens, but we really do care about results and effectiveness.

Along the way, we learned that users want simplicity and control. The pop-up projects we completed delivered that and consistently garnered very positive learner feedback.

  1. An easy to manage hosted content platform that produces a remarkable amount of learner data in an industry standard SCORM or xAPI format.
  2. Mobile first, based on videos and assessments for maximum accessibility
  3. Low cost per learner.
  4. Fast setup and deployment.
  5. Customizable to match both corporate styles and the current project.
  6. Compatible with RCP Learning Learning’s content creation process.
  7. Designed for ease of use and a positive learning experience.

But wait! I know you think that’s a poor man’s LMS, why bother? The answer is simple. We can take a project from business need to an available online course in record time. No fuss no mess.

In a world of increasing complexity – it’s simple.