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Deciding on the most effective way to deploy workplace- and sexual-harassment training can be very daunting. RCP Learning has developed an approach that includes animated situational examples and scenarios that make this training very approachable. Feedback from our end-user learners is that a mix of animated characters in realistic scenes and more conventional eLearning materials score highly on the Net Promoter scores.

Workplace and sexual harassment training

Animations effectively communicate illustrative interactions in different scenarios. (click the image for video)

The promise of a fantastic learning experience from VR, AR, and other simulation technologies is far outside the budget of most organizations. But the new alternative of using one of many ultra-sophisticated gaming engines connected to an xAPI emitter is filling the gap. In many ways, the ability to handle everything from a phone (think millennial), an iPad, a desktop or even a PS4 hooked up to 65″ tv make this a more flexible approach than VR.

3D simulations & interactive experiences

Emerse yourself in a real world sim. Interact with the training. (click the image)

The days of grey and boring Storyline interfaces are long gone. We can make you a design that’s both a delight to use and at the same time represents your brand and company in the best light whether it has to be 508 compliant or match your funky new corporate style. We’ve got you covered.

A Storyline interface however you like it