Creating 3D Simulated Experiences

//Creating 3D Simulated Experiences

Creating 3D Simulated Experiences

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For some unimaginable reason, ATD has invited me back to excite yet another riot with a controversial presentation. This time I am going to describe what is almost certainly the technical future of our industry. Come and enjoy a rapid run through of what this is all about, no technical degree required.

The concept of a low-cost training platform that can deliver visual realistic simulations, interactive experiences and personalized learning on almost any platform is a really attractive idea for the talent development industry. Does this tool exist?

Can it cope with the future that includes AI controlled training avatars? And Big Data-driven comparative performance analysis? The answer is yes! It’s here today and able to deliver on the promise at a reasonable price tag with seemingly boundless growth potential.

Participants are encouraged to bring their questions! Register here.


January 17, 2019 @ 5:30 — see you there.

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James is CEO and Chief Technologist at RCP Learning. He has spent the last ten years building a learning company based on computer science development principles. James is passionate about technology, the science of learning and the psychology of understanding. He is committed to delivering the best possible customer experience to every one of RCP Learning's clients. His favorite quote is "The universe is not made up of atoms, it is made up of individual stories." -- Anon.

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