Florida Office launches center for training application development

//Florida Office launches center for training application development

Florida Office launches center for training application development

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RCP Learning is a leader in the production of learning content for Fortune 5,000 companies. Part of our offerings is a range of technologies that are aimed at supporting the training content we develop.

The new location in Tampa FL has been established to address a growing demand for specialized training technology and infrastructure.

The new Tampa office offers:

  • Mobile app development and support
  • Web apps and landing pages with associated analytics and infrastructure
  • API base video deliver for inclusion in other web-based training applications
  • Video delivery and rendering applications for video development
  • The latest in HTML5 based courses and standards compliant systems
  • Rise based training courses – for any device anytime learning

In addition, an R&D group will continue to evaluate and when appropriate adopt new technologies as they become available.

“Our new capabilities are intended to provide our customers with a range of technology options that address their complex training needs. Today’s workforce is no longer able to sit in a classroom to learn,  they want to be able to get information and training when and where they like,” said James Ringrose, CEO RCP Learning.

Tampa was chosen for its business-friendly attitude and deep pool of technical talent and experienced development professionals.

For more information about RCL Learning’s content development capabilities and how we can help your organization please contact info@rcplearning.com

About the Author:

James is CEO and Chief Technologist at RCP Learning. He has spent the last ten years building a learning company based on computer science development principles. James is passionate about technology, the science of learning and the psychology of understanding. He is committed to delivering the best possible customer experience to every one of RCP Learning's clients. His favorite quote is "The universe is not made up of atoms, it is made up of individual stories." -- Anon.

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